Our Programs

ARI’s program provides the most potent tools and skills available in empowering participants to develop a pro-social orientation to relationships and to the community at large. Our participants experience radical transformation as they engage in an expertly-facilitated environment to practice new ways of relating. The program allows people to drop their defensive mechanisms and acquire a bedrock of foundational communication and relationship skills that directly support their healthy integration into society.


The course: THe art of being human

The ART of Being Human is a two-day course that speaks in the shared language of human connection. It is designed specifically to include everyone in the practice of Authentic Relating, no matter what path they've traveled in life.

Our highly qualified and experienced Course Leaders teach communication and relational skills that result in healthy, vibrant connections. We place a heavy emphasis on learning through experience, enabling immediate application and practice of the skills with everyone from partners to strangers.

Through a skillful interweaving of mindfulness, embodiment, cognitive behavioral therapy, non-violent communication and other powerful exercises, this workshop enables participants to experience a new way of being with a fresh orientation to relationships and communication.

Participants can expect to graduate the course with:

  • A set of new, readily applicable communication skills

  • The ability to foster honest, compassionate, mutually supportive and non-violent relationships in both personal and professional life

  • The ability to handle anger and conflict more skillfully and peacefully

  • A more positive outlook on life

  • A greater sense of power and accountability

  • A deeper feeling of connection with self and the world

No matter the starting point, reliable takeaways for participants include markedly improved communication skills, a reignited curiosity about other people, wonder for the world, the ability to create clear conscious context for any situation including friendships, marriage, work, child/parent relationships, a stronger sense of honoring of oneself and other people, the ability to handle challenging people and situations with confidence and skill, and greatly improved conflict management.

THe art of being human for professional Staff & Teams

In addition to delivering our Authentic Relating course to inmates, students and other underserved communities, we also deliver our training to staff, departments and teams working with these populations. We believe it’s crucial that we not only serve the communities that might not otherwise have access, but that we create pathways for connection with the teams of individuals who work with and for them every single day.

Our sister for-profit company ART International, creator of The ART of Being Human course curriculum, delivers this same course to the general public across the globe, from executives and staff in corporations to men and women from all across the social, cultural, economic, and political spectrum, of all ages and nationalities, on four continents. Universally, participants report profound and lasting transformation across all aspects of their lives.

Jails & Prisons Pen pal Program

ARI offers a unique coaching program available specifically for incarcerated individuals through exchanges of written communication with ARI volunteers. While our course is incredibly powerful on its own, we understand that ongoing support can be beneficial, and sometimes necessary, especially given the challenging circumstances that many of these individuals are facing. We offer individual, personalized mentoring to empower inmates to bring the practice of authentic relating into their daily lives, and provide the support they need to make lasting change.

why offer Authentic Relating to Inmates?

After all, is this what incarcerated people really need to be better citizens? Quite a bit of research has been done to identify criminogenic needs—a phrase that refers to major risk factors highly associated with criminal conduct. Criminogenic needs are characteristics, traits, problems, or issues of an individual that directly relate to the individual's likelihood to reoffend and commit another crime. These break down into two categories: static and dynamic. Static needs, such as criminal history, can’t be changed. There are twelve dynamic needs and of those, the “Big Four Criminogenic Needs” have been identified as having the highest impact on reducing the probability of reoffending:

  1. Anti-social cognition

  2. Anti-social companions

  3. Anti-social personality/temperament

  4. Family and/or marital issues

Authentic Relating touches all of the big four criminogenic needs and is therefore potentially effective in reducing recidivism. Less recidivism means safer neighborhoods, more families intact, less crime, safer police force, more tax paying citizens, fewer arrests, lower prison and judicial system costs, fewer citizens locked up behind bars.